Currency without the complexity.

Foreign exchange solutions that are designed to simplify the process for our clients and deliver value with every transaction. With an innovative range of solutions that are individually tailored to each business’ needs, our clients experience seamless, efficient, and secure transactions wherever they are in the world.

FX & International Payments

FX & International Payments

Competitive rates

We combine our partner's annual FX buying power of over $21 billion with ultra-low overheads to provide better rates for our clients.

Quick & easy transactions

Transactions in over 130 currencies via phone, email or online. Same day delivery possible through secure payment networks of SWIFT, FPS or SEPA (depending on currency cross and bank processing times).

Payment status tracking

Check the status of your payment and receive automated email notifications when you send or receive funds.

Bulk payments

Send thousands of payments efficiently across multiple currencies with a single file upload.

FX Risk Management

FX Risk Management

Risk consultation

We get a deep understanding of your business needs, objectives, and attitudes to risk. We identify key areas where you might be exposed and help you plan accordingly.

Bespoke strategies

We help manage your risks in a fluctuating market to protect your bottom line. We take a balanced approach designed to give you control whilst also allowing flexibility.

Fixed and flexible forward contracts*

Enabling you to lock in exchange rates up to 5-years in advance.

*providing the reason for trade falls within the payment exclusions.

Forward credit facilities*

Generous credit terms to support your cash flow requirements whilst minimising your risk.

*providing the reason for trade falls within the payment exclusions.



Cutting-edge online platform

Securely manage payments, convert currencies, check balances & statements 24/7 using an advanced platform.

Automated payment processing

Innovative automated payment processing technology reduces human error and gives you faster, more accurate transfers.

API integration capabilities

Integrate your systems into a world-class enterprise-ready platform for payment, risk management and FX solutions.

Enhanced security

Employing the latest security technology. Two-factor authentication login, multi-level user permissions, advanced cloud technologies and TLS encrypted data transmissions. Learn more

Bespoke service

Bespoke service

Experienced dealers

A dedicated expert who tailors and optimises bespoke solutions for your business to help you get the most out of the market.

Proactive approach

Our fingers are constantly on the pulse of the ever-changing market to keep you in the know and help you exploit opportunities that arise.

Expert insight

We relentlessly follow news, research, and technical analysis from a wide range of sources to help our clients plan ahead and guide market entry points.

Market orders

Automatically buy or sell currencies at specific target rates 24/6 to capitalise on market fluctuations or protect downside risk.

Simple three-step booking process

Our booking process makes our clients' transactions as quick and easy as possible. Choose whether to book by phone, email or via our secure online platform, using the simple steps below.


Secure a rate and tell us where to send your payment. Once booked, we'll send you a confirmation.


Send funds for your transaction directly into your Meridian account or use your existing balances.


When your funds hit, your payment will be sent securely and quickly to your beneficiary. You'll automatically receive notification that funds have been sent.

Trusted transactions the world over

We offer secure transactions to nearly every country in the world with quick delivery via SWIFT/SEPA networks. We can send payments in 130+ currencies, meaning we can pay all of the below countries in their local currency.

World map with Foreign Exchange available

Keeping your funds secure

Keeping our clients' payments secure is our number one priority. We employ advanced security technology to ensure all transactions are processed with the highest level of safety and reliability.



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